Exaflex bilayer bovine pericardium membrane

Exaflex: Membrane for tissue reconstruction
Bilayer bovine pericardium

Exaflex is a biological matrix to regenerate soft tissue

Exalfex is an innovative medical device designed by Maggi srl in 2015: a smooth, mesh or perforated fenestrated collagen membrane composed of a bilayer and made from selected bovine pericardium.

The Exaflex membrane is specific for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery operations,
performed to reconstruct a biological interface between the prosthesis and the flap, with the aim of protecting the latter.

Ready to use
It can be easily manipulated after rehydration
Can be fixed by sutures
Beta-ray sterilised
Suitable for storage at room temperature for 5 years
Exaflex Soft tissue regenerating biological matrix


Exaflex is a membrane obtained from the processing of the pericardium from Italian cattle aged less than 20 months, selected by breed and controlled in all stages of growth for food and environment in which they grow. It is worked on the basis of a proprietary process that allows to maintain the characteristics of the natural pericardium.

Exaflex Soft tissue regenerating biological matrix


Exaflex pericardium is made up of pure bilayer bovine pericardium collagen with multidirectional intertwined fibers. One layer is extremely compact, non-stick and very resistant to the passage of bacteria.
The other fibrillar layer instead constitutes an ideal environment for tissue revitalization.

Exaflex Certifications CE and EN ISO 13485-2016


Every phase of our proprietary manufacturing process is certified with the specific procedures for materials considered to be at BSE risk. 

The certification procedure requires the consent and validation of the processes by all the Higher Institutes of Health of the European Community to allow the free circulation of the material.


Exaflex Intact membrane


Exaflex Fenestrated membrane


Exaflex Mesh membrane


Exaflex Paste


Surgical applications

Acellular matrix products can be used in a wide range of applications, including burns and reconstructive surgery, soft tissue and abdominal wall repair, and as internal implants for orthopedic use in joint surface reconstruction and joint repair tendons.

Breast surgery